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Monthly Wrap Up + Everything I Love Lately!

Quote: “A great life doesn't just happen its caused."

Take home: Acknowledge what you want in life, and set a clear outline of who and what you want to be.

Goal setting

Its five days since my half marathon, I'm already missing having a training purpose or fitness goal set for the future. I woke up this morning with a clear intention. Inspired by my good friend Zoe, you might have read her story on the blog Monday Motivation.

Tomorrow marks 28 days until my birthday (24 years old). I have set a goal to move first thing every morning for the 28 days. Preferably running by the ocean at sunrise but the weather has been all kinds of crazy this winter so I know that may not be achievable. On the days it rains outside I'm going to get myself straight to the gym or do a YOGA practice in my home.

I love the way morning movement makes me feel, It increases my energy, positive vibration and also helps calm my stress and anxiety.

I enjoy having something to look forward to when I jump out of bed in the morning and winter is a perfect time to kick new fitness goals.

If you want to join me in my challenge, I would adore that. I'm going to hashtag #morningmovementchallenge so feel free to join.

Fav Natural Beauty Products

Davines: HAIR love mask - Davines is a zero impact, sustainable luxury haircare brand. My hair was feeling quite dry after a few days of using heating tools, and I was blown away by how soft and nourished it felt after using the LOVE hair mask. When I use a treatment on my hair, I like to leave it in all night or for 24hrs to get the most out of it. I will usually style my hair in a braid of tight bun the day I'm treating it.

Mukti Organics: I've used Mukti skin care for the last few years. It is my go-to for skin products when the seasons change I swap between the balancing and the hydrating collection

Saya skin care: The most beautiful hand + body products.

Deodorant: My two go-to non-toxic deodorants that work are black chicken Paste and Schmidt bergamot + lime stick deodorant.

Coconut oil: Is anyone else obsessed with coconut oil? I swear I go through a 1-litre jar every fortnight. I use coconut oil for many more things than just cooking with or eating…. here are my top coco oil uses.

  • In my black coffee before a morning run or workout - Energy without anything heavy in the digestive system.

  • Spoon full after meals to beat sugar cravings

  • Body moisturiser. I use coconut oil on my skin every morning and night.

  • Face pre-cleansing and make-up removing - if I'm wearing makeup ill often pre-cleanse my face with oil before washing it with my MUKTI face wash.

Essential oils: I love to use essential oils to make personalised non-toxic perfumes. My personal preference is 'DoTERRA Essential Oils'. I purchased some small bottles from the discount store to make my scents in. I use a few drops of DoTERRA essential oils with around 1/4 cup or a carrier oil some examples are apricot, fractionated coconut, or jojoba. There are many different kinds of carrier oils, trial some to find your favourite.


Girl wash your face- Rachel Hollis

Peak performance- By Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness

The universe has your back - Gabrielle Bernstein I'm listening to this book in audio version this month for the second time.

Q & A

What is my weekly workout routine?

As you may know, I just completed a half marathon so the past few months my training has looked somewhat like this:

Outdoor run about 4-5 days a week. Some short around 25 minutes and some longer around 45 minutes. I also like to mix up my week with some F45 class’s I've been loving attending the two weight days each week. I enjoy weight training to keep my body feeling strong!

I enjoy writing my workouts to complete at home or in the gym. However, in the last few months, I've been going to f45 because running has taken the priority in my training. I've enjoyed going to f45 and having a workout programmed for me. I run on my own, so I also enjoy the social and motivational aspects of group fitness classes.

With my new movement challenge starting ill be running/ walking or hitting the gym at sunrise every day. A few evenings a week I will still attend a weights class at f45.

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