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Beginners Guide To Reducing Waste

I love the world around me and I want it to be here for all future generations. This will only happen if we be the change. Change begins when we take responsibility for our actions.

In the past year, there have been great things happen in awareness about our impact on the earth. Last month there was a fantastic movement ‘Plastic-free July’ This challenge was to encourage people to think about their waste and adopt a zero waste lifestyle. I love nature; I love the ocean and the environment around me. I feel obliged to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, so I'm not damaging the world more than I need.

Its crazy to think that just the simple act of owning a keep cup could stop over 365 cups sitting in landfill per year!!! WOW, I know that I use to purchase coffee out every day….

Here is my guide to becoming a waste reducing wellness warrior. Standing up for the environment around you is an act of empowerment. Its rewarding in so many ways.

To start your journey there are some essential purchases, However, see these purchases as investments. They will save you much more money in the long run.

I started my collection of glass jars by keeping every sauce, pickle or peanut butter jar I had in my home. When the jar became empty, I would wash thoroughly, remove the label and store them in my cupboard to begin my bulk food jar collection. Now I have an impressive group of jars that I didn't need to purchase new. I recycled items I already had at home.

Ask your family and friends to keep jars for you. This way you will have a collection in no time. My birthday just passed, I asked for zero waste items instead of the usual birthday gifts.

Below is a list of my top 10 items you need to adopt a zero waste lifestyle.

Start small by picking 3 items from the list below.

Every month or two purchase another piece until you have a whole collection of goodies to help you become a waste-free warrior. To help you pick your purchases, please refer to the questions/people categories below.

Top 10 Items

  1. Re-useable food/ sandwich wraps- I use the beeswax wraps

  2. Glass jars for bulk food shopping - different sizes and some bottle shapes.

  3. Handkerchief to use instead of a 'serviette' or 'Napkin'

  4. Reusable cutlery set

  5. Steel straw

  6. Keep cup

  7. Reusable Shopping bags

  8. Cotton or mesh bags for produce and bulk shopping

  9. Steel lunch box for take-away and buying from the deli section at the supermarket

  10. Reusable water bottle

I like to eat out and often get takeaway. What do I need?

Invest in a good quality water bottle to re-fill through the day. Make sure to always have a set of re-usable cutlery and a steel straw in your handbag. Keep a container or steel lunch box in your car or workplace. You can give this to the takeaway restaurant or local cafe and ask them to pack your meal in it instead of the box or plastic, pack this container for any leftovers when going out to dinner. I also have a washable handkerchief that i use as a serviette.

My bathroom is full of so many bottles, and I want to reduce my toiletries, what do I do?

The great thing about the bulk food stores like ‘scoop’ and ‘the source’ that are now through-out Australia is that they also stock bulk bathroom items.

I take a glass bottle and a jar and fill up my body wash and coconut oil when I run out. I use coconut oil as a body moisturiser. I also like to make my body scrub using any natural ingredients (Recipe below). When you next need shampoo and conditioner, swap to bars. Yes! Bars! You can now purchase soap like ‘bars’ to wash your hair YAY. When buying new products, make sure to get them in glass and to recycle them once complete.

Soap bars are fabulous I love them because they enable me to travel without worrying about products leaking in my luggage- pack one in your bees-wax wrap or steel container when shopping.

What should I take when I go to do my grocery shopping?

I like to pack my produce bags, a basket and some extra canvas or mesh shopping bags. I also pack my empty Jars or Bulk food buy bags. Make sure to take a steal or BPA free container or your beeswax wraps to use in the deli section of the supermarket. You can ask the employer to Use your container/ wraps for deli Items instead of the single-use plastic.

I'm still learning about Zero waste living. There will be more to come on the blog as i learn and grow. I will be working on some waste free recipes and other tips and tricks to becoming a wellness warrior when grocery shopping.

For plastic free information, tips and tricks, please refer to the plastic-free July website.

Check the website below to see if there is a compost bin in your local area. If there is you can ditch the plastic bin liners and use Composting 'bags' for any food waste.

Body scrub:

Choose one or a few items from each section below.

1. Something gritty

  • Coffee grounds,

  • Sand

  • Raw sugar

  • Pink himalayan salt

2. Oil

  • Coconut oil

  • Olive oil

  • Avocado oil

3. Pimping product

  • Fresh mint

  • A few drops of Essential oils

  • Citrus juice

  • Raw cacao

  • Yogurt


Get a jar and mix all the products to your desired consistency, don't be afraid to get creative, If some of the ingredients you choose are edible items its best to store it in the fridge. Also, make small amounts at a time, so you don't waste any product.


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