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Healthy Habits
for an Epic Life

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Isabelle's first book THE WHY was published in 2021 Murdoch Books

In this hands-on guide to living well, Isabelle Cornish will inspire you to discover your true power within - by listening to your heart, being comfortable with your vulnerabilities and picking yourself up every time you fall down. 

Informed by Isabelle's personal journey and her passion for health and fitness, and drawing on her experiences as an actor, yoga teacher, personal trainer and health coach, The Why is a complete wellness toolkit for modern life.

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about 'THE WHY'

THE WHY is a 270-page book that dives into various health and wellness practices. The book was inspired by Isabelle's mission to understand holistic health. This book does not encourage strict diets and workout routines; it is a guidebook that promotes authenticity, self-love and acceptance. The book details many healthy habits, and Isabelle's hand-drawn illustrations and poetry bring the pages to life. 


"I am only a bit more than halfway into your book, and I have grown so much already; I do things and take your advice so many times in a day without even realising! It is incredible! It is so inspiring, and it is the exact thing I need in my life right now. I can not tell you how much it has helped! I feel like it was written just for me, which I love about it."

sample pages
of 'the why'

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