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It's not about the food

In society, many women and men struggle with unwanted eating habits. Each year we bring out new electronics and human-made devices we believe enhance our human experiences. However, if we fail to meet our soul needs and become more disconnected from the natural world around us, these symptoms and undesirable behaviours increase. 

A few years ago, I dove into the study of 'The psychology of eating'. Wow, the knowledge I learned shook me, inspired me and offered me deep insight into the healing journey. Over the past two years, I've been experimenting with the information I learned. I have gained an expansive outlook on eating disorders and unwanted eating habits. I hope to share with you some information that I found transformational and healing. The tools and tricks I'm providing you with have personally benefited me and others in times of need; I hope they may help you. 

I have worked in the entertainment industry since adolescence. Growing and developing during puberty while being in front of the camera sparked my fair share of unwanted feelings and symptoms such as poor body image and unbalanced eating habits. The highest wisdom I have since learnt is that it's NOT ABOUT THE FOOD. These Unwanted eating habits are asking you to dive deeper. They are a divine symptom presented to get you to look at parts of your life where you may be out of balance.

Start by being a detective! Start asking questions about what your eating habits may be trying to tell you. 

Your hunger isn't just physical Its an emotional and spiritual hunger.

I like to view unwanted habits as portholes to TRANSFORMATION. For true healing to occur, the first step is to stop fixating on the 'symptom' and dive beneath the surface. 

Surrender. Stop distracting and fixating on the issue. You have an opportunity to rise and stop these behaviours for good. 

Whatever you are struggling with, be it a shopping addiction, binge eating, overeating, food obsessions etc. You can move past them. Start with love. In all your discovery work, I encourage you to make sure each thought is kind, caring and understanding. 

Being a human is a complex and beautiful manifestation. We often forget how truly amazing the human form is. We are living, breathing, moving, thinking, creating, feeling, loving beings.

The unfathomable depth of the human form requires a balance to perform optimally. 


I believe all pillars of our human existence all require as much attention as the next. 

  • How are your relationships?

  • How do you eat?

  • How do you move?

  • Thoughts and beliefs?

  • Life purpose?

  • Connection to nature and the environment?

If you are out of balance in a crucial part of your life, this upset can manifest in the form of an 'unwanted habit'. It's a distraction from feeling. It's something tangible and controllable in a world of no control.

I will create some examples for you

Binge Eating may present its self because of a need for comfort and love

This habit may have you turning to food to try and fill the void of loneliness. However, fixating on trying not to binge eat can never fix the problem. For the symptom to dissolve, you need to fill your need for real comfort.

For example spend time with more friends create time each week for self-love.

You don't need to rely on another to give you love; there is a beautiful practice of filling yourself with all you need. 

It's calling you to step up and take time for self-love, personal exploration and discovery

Poor Body Image could be due to Trapped Emotional Trauma which may have you restricting food. The way to heal and move forward may be to uncover what emotional scars you may have from your past. Journal them out and forgive yourself or the other person that was involved. 

Once uncovered, the trauma can be given space to release via natural healing such as NOT Therapy, breathwork or meditation.

We are all unique.

Each and everyone of us is different. Your wounds or imbalances can not be the same as another. This is why I encourage you to have trust in being your own healer. It's beneficial to get support from others and ask for help but know that you yourself hold the answers you seek. Peel back the layers one by one. The diamonds lie within. 

We are all in this together. Permanent change comes from working from the inside out. What truly nourishes you on a soul level? 

Here are five simple practices that may benefit you on the first steps too healing:

  1. Journal. Pen to paper can help you release trauma, its a non-judgemental space for forgiveness and developing self-compassion.

  2. Build loving and healthy relationships with your family, friends, workmates and lovers. Negative relationships can take a HUGE toll on other parts of your life especially when it comes to undesired habits.

  3. Spend time in nature connecting with the earth. Practice grounding or walk barefoot.

  4. GRATITUDE. I like to practice gratitude by thanking everything around me. I am grateful for in my life. I tell the ocean and the treess I love them, I appreciate the birds for chirpping, and I give deep love to the food I am blessed to eat. 

  5. Eat-in silence, sitting down with no distractions. Yes, no TV, iPhone scrolling or podcast listening. It will be a challenge at first, but the benefits are phenomenal. When we eat while being distracted, we miss the sensual experience of eating so are often still left unsatisfied even though the tummy is full. 

I hope you have gained some valuable insight. You are love.

Balance, health and happiness is all possible.




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