3 Simple Ways To Start Journalling Today

3 Simple Ways To Start Journalling Today

Do you ever feel a need to express yourself through writing but are scared to start? Fear no more. I am offering you an insight into some simple tools to help you reap the myriad of benefits journalling can bring. I, myself, gain a sense of relief and mental clarity from getting my thoughts and feelings out of my head and onto paper.

Having a mindful journalling practice is beneficial for mental, physical and spiritual health.

I have multiple journals that I use for different things, but I like having a book specifically for my mental health. I hope you enjoy these 3 simple ways to start your practice today.

Weekly Planning

Create 3 simple lists:

1. Record your non negotiable commitments, meetings or work schedule.

2. ‘To do list’ of the things you want to get done for the week. I like to highlight the 5 most critical.

3. A list of things you would like to do for You.

Things that you enjoy and make you happy. For example, yoga, daily workouts, a massage, or a breakfast date with a friend.

I have the firm belief that in order to be happy, healthy and give to others we need to take care of ourselves first. It’s imperative to make sure you are taking time out each week to do things that make you feel happy.

Daily thoughts and feelings record

A simple tool for getting ideas out of your head is what I like to call ‘writing it out’.

It’s very healing to scramble down thoughts and feelings into your journal. These can be things that are bothering you or making you happy. It’s your choice!

If your daily recording is something you wish to realise, try this :

  1. Write it out.

  2. pause

  3. Take three deep breaths, and, on your final exhale, release everything you don't need and let the journal hold it for you.

Intention setting

Daily: Spend a few minutes in the morning setting your daily agenda.

Choose an intangible word that you want to base your day around.

For example:

- Today I'm going to feel ….. ( happy, calm, inspired)

- Choose 3 simple things you will do to get yourself there … (meditate, read an inspiring book, eat mindfully)


Set weekly intentions in your journal.

- Try to keep it simple with one or two things.

- It’s best to start small then set bigger intentions when you are more comfortable.

This week I'm going to - move my body everyday

- spend time in nature

I would love to hear from you.

Do you have any tools or tricks that you wish to share?

I'm also obsessed with drawing sketches in my journal or decorating it with stickers and coloured pencils.

The possibilities are endless…

<3 Isabelle


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