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Powerful Strategies To Help Pull Yourself Out Of A Rut

Do you feel stuck? Like your floating in the ocean with no way out?

Trust me I am familiar with being stuck in a negative cyclone and I feel empowered to help you by sharing the tools and tricks I use.

To move out of these moments a first step is to become present in life. In the modern world, It's too easy to distract and numb from our thoughts or feelings. When we ignore our feeling's and desires the underlying emotions can manifest in unwanted habits or symptoms such as low mood, trouble sleeping or a lack of energy to name a few.

Knowledge is power; you need to be brave enough to become a detective on yourself!

Don't tune out, TUNE IN.

The best way to do this is to take time each day to become aware of your inner dialogue. Record repeat thought’s that occur in your head.

Once we being to tune in, we can identify thoughts that are not serving us or feelings that need to be expressed. You will begin to notice repeat words or thoughts that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Put aside 5-10 minutes each day to sit in stillness and breath deep into your belly. This practice will give you a moment to feel and become present, and it can be a massive step toward transformation.

I always preach that prevention the best cure. I encourage you to implement these practices into your life on a daily and weekly basis.

As you dive deeper into self-discovery and personal health you can start to identify your ‘triggers’: things that happen to you or things that you may do that can set you off balance.

One of my favourite ways to prevent these down moments is to create personal daily anchors in your life. A short list of things that you know you need to do each day to keep you on track and feeling happy and healthy. Once you can identify these things, they need to be non-negotiable in your life. If I fail to do my daily practices, I feel static and stuck.

Some examples of daily anchors are:

  • Connecting with a friend or family member each day

  • Spending time in the sunshine

  • Going for a walk

  • Meditating

Life is life, and it can sometimes throw curve balls at us, leaving us feeling stuck. I know this feeling. I've learnt some valuable tools that have helped me move out of these moments. In these times its important not to sit in the ‘victim’ or ‘poor me’ mindset for too long. We have to break the pattern and transform.

I hope to help you by diving into 3 key steps to help you dig yourself free from a rut. This rut is just a temporary state, and it can be transformed into something positive.

It's a chance to grow and learn!


There is no use dwelling on the past or beating yourself up about feeling off track. The first thing you need to cultivate is self-love and forgiveness.

Begin to blur out the voice of the ‘critical parent’ that comes into your head. The 'critical parent' is the voice that will put you down or tell you you're not good enough.

Lets turn our inner dialogue it into a voice of deep love and understanding. Imagine you are speaking to your best friend or the younger child version of yourself.

The inner dialogue is one of encouragement, understanding and positivity.

Let your self off the hook. Life is full of ups and down’s, and it's easy to get too serious.

Its time to lighten the vibe by boosting your own self-confidence.

Tell yourself you're beautiful and that you look amazing. Give your body a massage and thank it for everything it does for you.

Take some time to breathe here and really get deep into your heart. I want you to release the judgement and criticism you are holding. If a few deep breaths doesnt cut it and you need more time try this:

Lie in a savasana position and play some relaxing music. Rest here for 10-15 minutes and breathe into all the parts of your body where you are holding tightness. Release the tightness by taking deep slow belly breaths. Once the tightness is released fill it with love ,care and understanding.

Do this exercise until you feel complete.


I love the flow on effect of life. One good moment can set you on an unstoppable sequence of events that can bring joy and happiness.

To keep it simple create 3 action words. These words are the top things you need to prioritise to get back on track. If you know, you can handle it feel free to create 5-10.

Write a list of the actions and complete them in order to start a positive flow-on effect. The first one needs to be the most basic.

For example:

  • Make my bed

  • Go for a walk with out my phone

  • Meditate

These actions are the backbone of moving forward, whatever actions you choose the need to become your non-negotiable first priority!

A critical step is making sure your first few actions are ACHIEVABLE and REALISTIC! Don't choose things that you doubt you can complete because this can set you up for further disappointment. Thats why we start small.

I have a non-negotiable routine in my life, and when I fail to do my routine, I can fall out of balance.

Ok, now we are done with the serious stuff. Time to shake it off and do something fun.

I need you to look at your day and week and plan things that are just for you. Activities that are FUN and that you enjoy. The sooner you can do them the better.

You could start by playing some epic music and just dancing your heart out alone in your bedroom. This is my PERSONAL FAV. Schedule in some YOU activities. A few of my other favourites are getting a massage, swimming in the ocean or going to Pilates.


Visualize yourself getting back on track.

Create the perfect day and week in your mind and see yourself living it.

How will you feel? What will you do? Feel free to journal out some things you want to do for the week coming up.

Now its time to create some slogan words, quotes or mantras. These are extremely important. Don't feel like you have to build them instantly or overnight and you may already have some that you are not aware of yet.

Some of mine that i use often is as simple as:

“ good work Izzy.”

“ come on Isabelle you can do anything.”

“ you’ve got this.“

“ you have all you need."

At first, it may feel silly but trust me you need to become your own best friend. Self-love and boosting your own confidence will work wonders in your life. We are our own worst critics. Back yourself and be proud of the person you are.

I like to stick some power words or quotes places I will see them like on my notebook or next to the mirror in the bathroom.

Remember down moments happen to all of us and you are not alone. Its only natural to sometimes get stuck. I hope you find these tools as useful as I do.

'Go get them tiger' time to get back into life. The world misses your smile.


Isabelle xx

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