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The Balance Of The Down Days

There are the days when everything is easy. Life flows effortlessly like water.

Then there are the days when an emptiness simmers under the surface, Like a missing piece..I'm learning that this is life. Life is up and down, Yin and yang, the ever-changing flow.

The challenge seems to only strike hard on the down days; I wonder if its because I fail to be as present when everything is amazing. When I look back, I can see where I should have taken a moment to pause and bring myself back to reality into balance right in the middle. However for me when everything is perfect its hard not to get swept up in the euphoric high of life.

Today, I feel the emptiness. This feeling is for no apparent reason. Maybe I'm lonely, maybe I'm just fragile, or perhaps there is nothing wrong at all. The emotions of today may be the world bringing me down from how brilliant I've felt this past week.

When these feelings would arise in the past, I would distract myself with things like social media, cooking or surfing the web. Anything to keep me from stopping and being still.

Today I choose; differently, I'm sitting in my body, letting myself feel what it wants to explore without judgement.

Can I use these emotions as an opportunity to breathe and heal through wounds that are arising? Why is it we think we need to feel amazing all the time?

As human beings, we are complicated in ways we can't imagine.

I'm on a mission to become the best version of myself.

To do this, I'm choosing to sit in the sadness, to be honest with myself about how I feel. I can feel the growth. I know that sitting here and being honest will make me stronger.

When I sit with these feeling's I know that deep down I am still happy. I am content. I have everything I need, and so do you.

The sun is still shining, and sometimes its ok to feel a little sad. If your struggling with the down days let me hold your hand. I'm here to remind you that you are not alone. We are all connected, and we all feel sad at times.

Choose to be strong with me, choose to breathe and heal. Tomorrow is a new day, and another opportunity to feel amazing.

Here are 4 things you can do on the hard days to help actively heal:

  • Art

  • Creative story writing

  • Yoga

  • Walking in nature

  • Expressive dancing




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