Strength Workout For Runners

Strength training is a crucial aspect of my lifestyle. I love lifting weights because it makes me feel strong, sexy and empowered! This workout is a running-specific session. It focuses on my favourite exercise to increase my leg stability and power. When I train strength at the gym, I like to work my whole body with emphasis on glutes, arms and core.

I hope you enjoy this full body burner!

Warm up:

2-minutes easy cardio (Bike, x-trainer, rower)

Dynamic Stretching:

- Walk outs x 6

- Walking lunges with Knee Hug(s) x 8

- World’s Greatest x 5 (each side)

Glute Activations:

- Lateral Banded Walks

- Forward & Backwards Banded Walks

- Single leg hip bridges of a bench x 15 reps each side.


Main Set:

A1: Deadlifts x 15 – 12 reps

A2: Chin Ups x 12 – 8 reps

A3: Box Jumps or Bench Jumps x 30 seconds

60-second rest

X 3 rounds

B1: Bulgarian Split Squat (rear foot on a bench) x 12 – 10 reps each leg

B2: TRX Row or Seated Row x 15 – 12 reps

B3: Med Ball Slams x 20 reps

60-second rest

X 3 rounds


A1: Weighted Sit Ups x 15 reps

A2: Reverse Crunch (on your back, legs into the air with bum lift) x 12 reps

A3: Plank (squeeze your bum and stomach) 60-seconds

A4: Bicycles – max reps

A5: Mountain climbers – max reps

Strength program by Coach Matty Abel


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