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Sexy Arms - Gym Workout

30-35 minutes


  • 12 reps for each exercise with a weight that challenges you. Use a weight that leaves your muscles very fatigued on the last few reps.

  • Complete 2 rounds of each set with a 30-60 second rest in between each group.

  • Once you have completed 2 sets of each set circuit through from the beginning as fast and efficiently as possible without stopping. You want to complete an additional 12 reps of each movement.

  • Once you have finished the workout, you should have done each exercise a total of 3 times!

*If you don't have access to a TRX you can do Tricep kickbacks with Dumbbells and rows with a barbell. If you are unsure of a exercise below you can find instructions on google :)


Bicep curls

Dumbbell shoulder press

Barbell close grip row


Overhead tricep extensions on TRX

Dumbbell lateral raise



Close grip row on TRX

100 Dumbbell punches with a lightweight

Tricep dips on bench

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