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My top healthy hacks:

1. Magnesium

Magnesium is my favourite supplement. It helps with muscle recovery, sleep and relaxation! I take it to help me wind down every night. You can get magnesium in a flavoured drink or in tablet form.

2. Use non-toxic home, skin & cleaning products

Everything we use in our homes and on our skin impacts the inner ecology of the body. To reduce toxins, I highly recommend using only natural products in your home and on your skin.

4. Create workout playlists

Creating workout playlist will motivate you to ace your next workout. When I am beginning a new training plan and setting new goals, I make new workout playlists that I really enjoy.

5. 12 + hrs fast between dinner and breakfast

Try to create a 12 hr window between your dinner and breakfast to give your digestive system a rest. Im guilty for the occasional late night snack, but I try and make an effort as much as possible to get my 12 hrs. Having this rest without digesting food gives your body time to detox. It can also help with constipation and sleep.

6. Exfoliate

I love to exfoliate my skin 2 times a week. Exfoliating helps remove old skin and keeps you looking youthful and fresh. If you don’t have any exfoliator at home you don't need expensive ingredients. I love using sand from the beach and coconut oil on my body. Some of my other fav DIY scrub ingredients are raw honey with sugar or sea salt. There are many recipes online for body scrubs.

7. Hydrate Smarter

Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking quality water. My hacks with hydration are to: Avoid drinking when eating as it dilutes stomach enzymes. I like to Wait 30 mins before or after a meal to drink water. If you experience bloating tune in to how you drink and eat. Try drinking your water through a straw. When eating meals make sure you are calm, relaxed and centred.

8. EAT FAT When craving sweets

When the sugar craving hits snack on a spoon or almond butter, coconut butter or some macadamia nuts. I love to snack on fats in between meals to avoid craving sweets.

If I feel like chocolate, I enjoy a small handful of nuts with a few pieces of 80% or higher dark chocolate.

9. Move before 12

I have made a considerable effort to move my body before 12pm. Exercise creates positive endorphins that can drastically influence your day. Making movement something that comes before 12pm Is a game changer to increase happiness, mood and energy.

10. Just eat real food

This food philosophy is simple, and it works. Stop stressing over fad diets and just eat real food, your body will thank you! Real food is anything that is not packaged. Don't buy things that contain any non-natural ingredients.

11. Meditate

Two minutes a day is all you need. If meditation isn't for you, I recommend creating a daily gratitude practice. Meditation is a practice that prepares us for the outside world. There are some great apps or audios on youtube that you can use.

12. Spend time in nature

Take those shoes off and get amoungst nature. You may have heard me talk about the benefits of 'earthing' in previous blog posts. I make it a priority to ground my body to the earth each day. If you want to know more about this practice I highly recommend checking out this video.

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