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Dear Mother Nature,

Thank you for guiding me when my soul feels lost.

I love your mornings draped in fog and beams of sunlight

I cant stay away from you…though you leave me each evening to embrace the night

You are the reason I leave my warm cozy bed, whilst the world is still asleep, to embrace your morning once again.

I peel open my eyes so I can race to see your ocean at first light in oranges and pink.

You have opened my yearning heart.

I love the stillness, the goosebumps I get when I see your vast turquoise horizon.

I now appreciate your beauty, your caressing ocean breeze, the smell of dry salt on my skin. When I first see you every day, I feel love. I feel full and no longer lost.

Now I know. I know that you will always be my guiding light. You will be there to pick me up when I fall and guide me back to my feet.

I love your mornings

In the past, I felt flat. The night held me in dark embrace. Busy times past left me with nothing now and nothing coming. I was struggling to find my feet to face an empty day

I knew I needed a change. I needed something to look forward to every day when I opened my eyes. This was when I fell upon mornings.

I craved an activity that would fill my cup. I have always loved movement and running. It makes me feel bright and free. But nights embrace was loathed to let me go too early. I struggled even to comprehend the thought of an early morning workout. Soon things changed……the sun, through windows and curtains, called me to life…

These are three main tips and tools that got me there;

Did someone say coffee? Ok, I'm a sucker for a black coffee. So this defiantly helped me to get a spring in my step in the early hours. I always make sure to drink 500ml - a litre of water before I caffein-ate to rehydrate from my sleep.

Preparing my running gear, earphones, hat etc. the night before and placing them next to my bed so they were the first thing I would see when I woke.

An open mind. I had to open my heart. Be willing to the idea of transformation. That this may be what my soul was calling for. The question I asked myself was… what if I let this routine fill my heart with so much love. What could I lose by opening up?

A pen and paper. Write a list of the reasons why you want this change, get specific. How do you want to FEEL and what are your motivations?

You don't have to love mornings. You don't have to feel the goosebumps I get running by the ocean. However, something is waiting for you… Experiment, be FEARLESS and start to open your mind to the possibility that a small daily action may be enough to fill your heart with so much love.

Start small

Here are some ideas to inspire you on your quest.

-Do you love coffee? Could a drive to your favourite spot, listening to your favourite song while you drink a coffee be your guru?

- Morning Meditation on your ideal cushion

sipping on tea while you read ten pages of your favourite book

taking your dog for a walk around the park

I hope I can inspire you to find your ‘sunrise’.

The world is your oyster. There is something perfect for you, dive deep and get it, Tiger.

The personal routine I created got me back on my feet when I was in a cloud of darkness. These days, I don't see the sunrise, but I know that my routine is there for me and it has the power to fill my heart and soul. The greatest lesson I learned from mornings was that if I was genuinely open to receiving I could be inspired and nourished by anything in this world.

I’ll see you in the morning.


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