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Makeup Tips For A Natural Glowing Look

Less is more

Every one of you is naturally beautiful. Here are my tips for my go-to makeup look that's natural and glowing.

Invest in an excellent quality concealer

I've been using the ‘secret camouflage’ by Laura Mercier for over six years. It's my favourite product because it covers anything, its oil-free and comes in two shades. The two shades enable you to mix the perfect colour for summer and winter. This product is not for under eyes its best for blemishes and marks.

When I travel light, I don't use a foundation because this product enables me to cover any spots I have. I've been using the same one for over two years and still have loads left!

You may think this is not hygienic, but I make sure to use a clean brush and wipe over it often. I'm all about sustainability, so you won't see me throwing anything out unless it's a non-negotiable. The reason I use this concealer is because it helps me reduce my waste by only purchasing one every few years rather than getting a new product every few months.

If you have a good concealer, you don't need a heavy base. It is best to use a light base and conceal any spots you have on there own. Avoid using thick concealer under the eyes, only put it where its necessary. If I am using an under-eye concealer, I choose one that has moisturiser in it, so it doesn't create a thick or creased look.

A makeup artist once told me “Don't put makeup where you don't need it” So if you have a glowing even skin tone on your forehead try not to put much base in this spot. This method will give you a natural, effortless complexion.

If you experience breakouts, I recommend avoiding any oil-based products. An oil-free primer will also help protect your skin from getting those cheeky bumps. I like to use natural or mineral makeup products when I can. They are better for your skin and health.

Note: Before I apply my makeup I always start with a 50 + Face sunscreen to protect my skin. SPF also provides a beautiful glow.

Use a good set of brush and makeup application products

There is an incredible difference in applying your bronzer and blush with quality brushes. Good brushes provide an even seamless look. Blending is critical, so you don't have noticeable blush or bronzer streaks.

After I apply my base of tinted moisturiser or foundation, I follow with the following products.


The blush tones I prefer for a natural look are ‘baby pink’, rose or light pink colours. I try to stay away from any orange or red based blush. Its beautiful look to go over your blush with a natural mineral powder or foundation brush.


I like my bronzer in ‘matt’ tone so I can then use my highlighter to add lightness. The application is critical and doesn't over bronzer your face. I shade down the hollows of my cheek. I then finish with a touch on my forehead, chest and chin area.


Using a brush or my finger, I highlight the areas of my face the light hits. I start on my eyes then I apply the highlighter to my Upper cheekbones, nose and top lip.


  • Mascara

  • liquid or pencil eyeliner

  • brown or natural orange/ golden shade eyeshadow pallet

I change my natural look depending on how I feel. My go-to is bronzed eye lids with a top lash line using a liquid eye liner or dark brown eye pencil. Mascara on my top lash line and a bronzed earth tone 'drop shadow' under my eyes. I avoid putting mascara on my bottom lash line for this look because it creates a more open fresh eye look.

Eye Brows

  • Brow gel/ brow mascara - Clear gel or a shade the colour of your natural eyebrows

  • Thin eye pencil

Use a pencil to add thin strokes where you need and to extend the natural brow line. Try to create a brow that is defined not dramatic. Thin natural hair like lines to fill your shape. Follow with a clear or brow colored gel to keep them brushed in place.


  • Natural pink based lipstick or balm.

  • clear or pink gloss

Choose a lip shade that is just going to accentuate the natural colour of your lips.

If you follow me on Instagram you will see that my makeup always follows these natural makeup tips.

Love Isabelle xx

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