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Gym HITT workout

Time : 30-35 minutes.

This workout is killer! I had so much fun challenging myself to complete each lap faster than the one before. It is better to pick lighter weights as you will be doing high reps.


  • Stopwatch or timer

  • Mat

  • Medicine ball (3-5kg)

  • 1x Set of Dumbbells (5-3kg)


Complete all exercises in order at your max outpace and effort. When your timer reaches 5 minutes stop the clock and rest for 30 seconds - 1 minute. Start the timer and keep circuiting through the exercises resting EVERY 5 minutes for 30 seconds - 1 minute.

Once you have Complete the circuit 3x you are FINISHED.

I managed to finish the workout in just under 30 minutes, go at your own pace and push hard.

A 1. Push-ups - 20

A 2. squat jumps 120

A 3. MB slams 20

B 1. DB squat to curl & shoulder press- 20

B 2. mountain climbers- 60

B 3. Bent over DB row -20

C 1. DB shoulder press- 20

C 2. Plank to push-ups- 20 **see video below

C 3. Plank position jumping jack - 20 * see video below

D 1. Lunge jumps- 20

D 2. DB tricep kickbacks - 20

D 3. Burpees - 20

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