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Harvesting The Full Moon Magic

Today marks a full moon, Mercury retrograde in LEO and a Total lunar eclipse!

Wow, yes the energy your feeling is real.

Early this morning I went down to the beach to catch a glimpse of the eclipse, and the whole world was awake! It seems the energy of the lunar eclipse had also impacted many others.

Here is my simple guide to working with the magic of the full moon.


What is a full moon? An easy way to define the full moon is the climax to the current lunar cycle. Each month the moon builds in a period of 29 and 1/2 days. There are 8 key moon phases in each cycle.

Now onto the juicy lunar information.

The full moon is the peak of the cycle it marks a time to release, let go and cleanse. I like to describe it as the point when things that have been bubbling in your life come to the surface. Sometimes these emotions or behaviors can be hard to navigate that's why it's essential to have some simple practices. These practices enable you to use the moon as a tool for positive transformation.

To do:

Using a pen and paper write a list of all the 'Negative' things you wish to release. These can be behaviours, relationships, experiences, emotions or regrets. Once you have completed your list, I want you to take 5-10 minutes to sit still and breathe. During this time you are going to practice forgiveness. Slowly make your way down the list and exhale any negativity from each experience or person. On your inhale practice offering forgiveness and understanding.

You can finish the exercise when you feel content and at peace with things that have been bothering you. I like to burn my list under the light of the full moon to complete my ceremony. If you wish to throw it in the trash, keep it or burn it that is your choice.

Grounding and nature cleansing.

To do this, please leave your shoes at home.

Get those feet into nature! e.g. the sand, grass or dirt.

Stand with your feet centred and grounded on the earth for 10-15 minutes and let the moonlight wash away anything that doesn't serve you.

Start at the top of your head and cleanse all the way through every part of your body. Exhaling as you release and forgive. We are creating space for a clean slate, a fresh beginning.


What is it? What does it do?

Grounding is when you take off your shoes and reconnect with the earth.

We are always wearing shoes blocking our connection with the earth.

Think about how rubber stops lightning. Your shoes can effect and block positive energy channels from connecting to your body.

Getting those feet in nature is a tool to balance where you may be out of balance.

It can help to make you feel calm and centered. Grounded in your life and body.

Retreat, music and manifestation.

Take some time alone tonight. Lay in a savasana position on a yoga mat, couch or bed. Play some relaxing music (overhead earphones are fantastic for this exercise). Let the music move through your body as you breathe relaxing every muscle and releasing all tightness and tension that you are holding.

Once you feel complete, sit up and take 5 minutes to fill your now 'open body' with a new positive intention.

For example:

My new intention is to 'offer more love to everyone around me'.


The full moon also brings a perfect time to manifest what you want in your life. Make sure you have done one of my cleansing practices above before focusing on manifestation.

Ask your self these four questions:

What do I want more of in my life?

What steps do I need to take to get there?

Why do I want this?

How will I feel when I achieve this goal?

Remember we are all yin and yang these practices help to restore places you may have fallen out of balance. Self-reflection is a powerful tool to help you gain more harmony in your life. When we are in balance and in the flow of life we can express honestly , feel happy, healthy and vibrant.

P.s. Remember to trust! We can't control the external world around us, but we can control the way we react.


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