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Creating a healthy daily routine

I recently re-located to a small town outside of Byron Bay. Moving to this part of Australia has brought me many perks, each day I am incredibly inspired by the people I meet. The northern rivers brings creatives living life by their heart.

This month I have a dear friend Molly featuring on the blog. Molly Roseman is a film maker, photographer and you-tuber from Byron Bay, Australia.

Here are her tips for creating a healthy daily routine!

A healthy daily routine will have a positive impact on your life. My healthy habits enable me to stay grounded, productive and clear minded. these practices centre me and set my mind and body up for the day ahead. We can't control the outside world, but we can control the way we care for ourselves on a daily basis. I believe its use full to take time to develop a personal health routine. Let it be your rock in the rough times. I love my health practises because they provide me with something to come back to when feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Here are some tips on creating your daily routine:

  • Start Small! Make sure your choices are not hard or extravagant so that you can stick to them.

  • Focus on self-care and ideas that make you feel energised and happy. Include things you LIKE to do so that you will be inclined to complete them.

  • Remember there are no strict rules, it's not something you absolutely must do, of course, things come up, and we need flexibility in our lives, but it’s nice to have something to fall back on If something doesn’t work, try again.

  • If you fall out of routine practice compassion and positive self talk to get your self back on track.

These are some things I have included in my daily routine that might inspire you to make your own!

Waking up at a similar time every day: I usually try to wake up around the same time each day which helps with my body clock meaning I don’t need an alarm and I can naturally arise with the sun which is much more relaxing! It also helps to go to bed at the same time so your body can get used to a decent amount of rest.

Meditation/journalling: I have included 10 minutes of meditation followed by some journalling in my routine for some time now, and these have helped incredibly with my mental health. Meditation is simple, free and you can do it anywhere, even if you are travelling etc. This practice brings me home to myself and centres me for the day! In terms of journalling, I do anything from writing positive affirmations; what I am grateful for or just simply writing out any thoughts I may have!

Having a balanced brekkie: No matter how busy I am I always try and have a balanced breakfast in the morning with some protein, carbs and fat which helps keep me going for the whole day. Make sure you are centered and grounded when you eat your meals. Let the food nourish all your senses and be grateful that you can eat fresh food each day.

Greens: I try to fit some green veggies into my diet daily if I’m travelling that might even be a green smoothie or super green powder mixed in water. I always feel best when I have greens daily.

Movement: Movement is another key for me in helping keep my mind clear and reduce my anxiety. This doesn’t mean in any way that I am smashing out gym workouts every single day, but I try to do a mix of walks, stretches, workouts throughout the week (this also really helps with having a good sleep at night!)

Community: Every day I try to connect outside of social media with my friends and family in one way or another. Connecting with your community could be a simple phone call to a best friend, face time with parents or a coffee with a college. This connection makes space for me to feel heard and be there for the people that I love!

Reading: I try to read for about 30 minutes daily before I go to bed which helps me relax and switch off for the night.

Grounding and nature: Standing or sitting in a nice spot surrounded by the natural environment is a beautiful practice. I enjoy planting my bare feet on the grass outside my house and taking a few minutes to practice mindful breathing.


I hope to inspire you to create a routine of your own. Start with ONE activity and see how you feel then you can decide if you would like to add more practices into your life.

Be aware of the positive outcome you feel manifest into your life. Once you know and feel the benefits of a healthy routine you will want to do them time and time again.

Much love,


Molly Roseman Creative director/ Content Creator Instagram Youtube Tumblr


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