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WHY eat healthy?

The motivation to change comes from knowing WHY. Eating Real food transformed my life and health. I hope to inspire you to take the necessary steps to reach your peak performance.

It's not just about the external but the internal.

The human body is an incredible vessel. We are so much more than calculations and numbers. Many people don't realise that everything you eat has an impact on your body. Food can influence your thoughts, feelings, mood, energy, physical and mental health.

You may be stuck in the toxic thought that healthy eating is only about weight loss or the perfect aesthetic. A healthy diet is the first step in becoming the best version of yourself. Who doesn't want to live a vibrant, energetic life?

I became intrigued by the Clean eating and real food movement when I was sixteen. I was incredibly interested in trying different techniques to alter or ‘hack’ my body and energy. I started to transform the foods I was eating.

I began choosing to nourish my body with real food, and this had a HUGE impact on the way my body felt inside and out. I was hooked…from that day forward I've never looked back. I've experienced the way my body feels when I move, meditate and fuel it as best as I can. This transformation has made me appreciate my health, and I never want to go back to underperforming. I guarantee that once you switch to a real food diet your life will become better in many more ways than you believe.

Everything we eat, think and experience effects our bodies and minds. It's not just WHAT you eat but HOW you eat. Your mind can also impact your metabolism, digestion and assimilation of calories. I'll be bringing you more content on the psychology of eating in the coming months.

Today we are going over the benefits of a healthy nourishing diet.

Before reading on, I want to stress that life is about enjoyment. I like to practice the 80/20 rule. This way of living is achievable and attainable. Its where you eat healthy whole, nourishing foods 80% of the time and the 20% is your flexibility. Your 20% is to fulfil social gatherings or particular food cravings. When I eat real food my cravings for all the other ‘cheat’ foods, vanish. My body now craves things like homemade dark chocolate or a creamy vanilla protein smoothie over items like chocolate bars and ice cream.


Here are my top reasons WHY you should eat a healthy diet.


Have you had heard about the incredible mental clarity people have experienced after completing a cleanse or fast? Everything in your body is connected. The ingredients in food impact the way you think and the way your brain functions.

I like to say ‘premium petrol for a premium tank’. For your brain to function at its full capacity, you have to provide it with the optimal hydration, vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Have you noticed that after an indulgent meal or many you feel cloudy in the head, un-motivated and experiencing low mood?

If you want to be able to concentrate more effectively and succeed in your chosen academic adventures you need to take a look at your diet.

When starting your health journey, the 80/20 is a fabulous flexible place to start. Life is about nourishment and fun, and I believe that eating healthy is never a punishment.


There are many physical benefits of a healthy diet.

You will begin to notice clearer skin and complexion. Your eyes will whiten and start to feel more alert. Your hair and nails will also get stronger and healthier.

The human body responds incredibly quickly to diet. Eating real food will enable you to reach your bodies desired weight set point. When you cut out bad food from your diet, I guarantee you will notice benefits like a flatter stomach, less water retention and inflammation. Increase your healthy proteins and veggies, and your muscles will thank you by becoming more defined.

A benefit I love is the increase in physical performance in training and sports. Hydration, vitamins and minerals will help you slay fitness goals. The increase in energy will have your body performing more efficiently, and the right nutrients will also help you recover more efficiently.

Studies show other physical benefits include- Less chance of developing disease and cancer, Increase in lifespan and longevity, better sleep quality.

When eating for physical benefits take your training into account. If you are very active, you may need an increase in specific macros such as protein and carbs.


I like to view food as an opportunity to positively or negatively impact my body.

I practice mind-body awareness when making food choices to keep me on track. I see my body as my temple, and it is the most important thing to me. When I sit down to eat I like to make the connection of the food I am eating inside my body. Is it full of genetically modified ingredients that may affect the way i think and feel? Or is it full of healthy whole foods that will benefit my mood and emotions?

I had an AH-HA moment one day. I had to take a strong pain relief medication. I was affected drastically by one tiny prescribed medication. A pill smaller than my fingernail wholly altered every feeling in my body. At this moment I realised just how sensitive my body is. I made the connection of how every little ingredient that enters my digestive system is doing something inside of me.

When I eat well, I feel happy and positive. I use my diet therapeutically to help me relieve anxiety and stress. Healthy wholefoods will boost your mood and help fight stress.

Food is an excellent opportunity to connect with family and friends. The positive emotional benefits from sharing a meal with people you enjoy do amazing things for your metabolism. When you eat in a positive mood, your body will digest and assimilate calories more efficiently.

I love treating myself to my favourite health foods or health treatments over clothing, or beauty products.

I like to view the more expensive health food products like health insurance.

I can't remember the last time I was sick or had to go to the doctor.

I get many comments on my teeth and skin, and I credit my diet and lifestyle for these physical benefits.

Remember try not to obsess over food. Humans aren't build to be perfect. Find an approach to eating that works for you. My favourite is the 80/20, but yours may be a little different.

Also, make sure to spend time each week to share a meal or drink with someone that you enjoy the company of. This will positively affect your metabolism.

Its extremely important that I also talk about some of the adverse effects that can happen from eating refined, processed foods. Studies show that a diet based on refined foods can lessen your ability to appetite control, cause memory problems, cause uncontrollable cravings, chemical changes that can lead to depression and many more.

Every time we eat we get to choose to create health or increase disease. I encourage you to feel empowered. Start small and make healthier swaps. I guarantee once you start to feel all the benefits you will be hooked just like me.

All information I provide comes from my personal experience, study and knowledge. I am not an accredited dietitian or nutritionist.


Isabelle xx

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