The Health Benefits of Studying + Handy Tips!

At school, I struggled through all of my academic classes. My heart and mind were only interested in the classes that made my creativity flow like drama, P.E and the arts.

Years later I’ve found a love for studying that I failed to experience in the past, this love was sparked by picking up my books again to complete my Cert III and IV in Personal Training with FIAFitnation. During my course, I've also discovered the positive impact that studying has on my health and lifestyle.

So, why study?

Studying a subject that interests you can create the flow of mental growth. Your mind and brain crave knowledge, and new challenges and study can bring about therapeutic benefits. New knowledge will help you build confidence, learn new words and improve your strengths.

Studying is empowering! If you set a goal for your future, study creates ACTION. This action is getting you closer to your goal every day. I believe growth is fundamental in staying engaged in life. Stimulating the mind can bring back a child-like zest for new experiences and knowledge.

At first, coming back to study can seem challenging or daunting but I ensure you it’s a key aspect to a healthy lifestyle.

Setting goals

Find out what interests you! Your study does not have to be your career choice. Maybe you love astronomy and can start an online course to learn about the stars! There are no limits, and with modern technology your options for online study are endless.

I just completed my Cert III in Personal Training at FIAFitnation. I loved the satisfying feeling of completing my assessments. The daily stillness and routine that my study provided me was grounding and nourishing.

When setting a new goal I find the SMART principle extremely important.

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Attainable

  • Relevant

  • Time bound

My study tips

Create a healthy environment

Find a comfortable and quiet space in a library or home. I also find that headphones with calming music helps.

Fuel your brain appropriately

Your brain loves healthy nutritious food and eating a whole foods diet will have a huge impact on your mental ability. Ditch the processed foods and sugars to avoid insulin crashes. Opt for nutrient-dense meals with veggies, whole grain carbohydrates, healthy fats and clean protein. P.S. Make sure to hydrate!


Experiment with a study routine that works for you. Maybe you do best with one long session a day. I love to segment my study into ‘snacks’ otherwise I lose focus and struggle to retain as much information. For me, this looks like an hour or two upon waking, an hour at lunch and some time in the afternoon before dinner.

I set a study clock on my phone.

Each time I study I start my clockthis provides me with a simple way of making sure I reach my goal each day.

Switch it up

I retain information more efficiently when I am moving slowly or outside. Research shows that exercise improves cognitive function. A part of my study routine is to walk on the beach and read my documents on my iPad. I also love walking on the treadmill at the gym whilst reading or watching videos containing new information.

I hope I’ve inspired you to ponder the idea of studying something new. Remember your options are limitless. Start by thinking about what excites you and sets your soul on fire. If you love what you are learning you won't want to stop.



PS. If you’re interested in learning more about the fitness course I am studying, check out FIAFitnation – they’ve got PT, nutrition and remedial massage courses which include online study options.

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