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Summer holidays packing list!

I recently ventured off in a camper van travelling down the north coast of Australia between Byron Bay and Sydney. When travelling in a van packing light is always best, to avoid being crammed with belongings. Less is more! I've come up with a summer packing list to inspire you on your travels. This packing list can be used for anywhere you may be travelling this summer just customise it to your preference.

Dr bronzers soap is a lifesaver when packing minimal. Its multi-use - you can wash your dishes, clothes, body and hair with it!! It can be purchased at any good health food store.

I like to take art supplies and books for when I have downtime. I love the convenience of a compact watercolour paint pallet. You can buy these from any good art store. I like to use mixed media paper so that I can draw and ink over the top of the watercolour. Make sure you get waterproof pens if your art going to use them with your watercolour paints.

I've included a list of the items in my photograph above from left to right. Round beach towel, Earth runner sandals, Watercolour drawing pad, Two great books - 'When things fall apart' and Buddhism without beliefs', nobody denim shorts, Small iPhone and a camera tripod, The beach people tie on bag, Keep cup, Lavender eye mask,

Butterfly fedora for sun protection, Red wrap dress, Natural deodorant (Schmidt) , Wireless earphones, Saint Helena white linen pants, Black long sleeve rash vest, Green matteau swimmers, Yogi peace club flares, Yogi peace club Incense, White Rowie the label shirt, Black silk cami, Spell Byron bay travel scarf, Re-useable straw and cutlery, Produce and mesh bag for shopping or the beach, Watercolour paints, beeswax food wrap's for leftovers or nut mixes, Trail shoes (vivo barefoot).

Other items I packed…

  • Yogi peace club yoga mat

  • Hiking back pack

  • Running arm band

  • Sunglasses

  • MacBook Air

  • Cosmetics

  • Notebook and pen for journalling


  • Denim jacket

  • Two silk tie up shirts

  • Two pairs of workout clothes

  • 2 silk wrap dresses

  • Silk nighty

  • 1 pair of white shorts

  • 5 pairs of undies

  • 2 bralettes

  • 5 pairs of socks

  • Cap for running


  • Converses

  • Running shoes

I hope this list helps you when packing for your next summer adventure. Remember less is more and the holidays are about experiences not belongings. Have fun, adventure and make memories that last!!!


Isabelle! xx


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